Johnny Fox Pub

Can you imagine anything better than a cosy pub, a good meal and a nice fire after a walk in the rain? I can’t! I shared a lovely meal with my colleagues after spending the day exploring wicklow.

Johnny Fox is a pub in Glencullen in Wicklow. It’s established in 1798 and they claim it is the highest pub in Ireland. I do believe I’ve seen more pubs with that sign throughout the country though so I’m not sure. Facts anyone? It played a role in Irish history when it became a meeting place for the leaders of the 1916 rebellion.

Good Times at Johnny Fox

Stuff at Johnny Fox Johnny Fox Statue Guinness at Johnny Fox Johnny Fox Fire


4 thoughts on “Johnny Fox Pub

  1. “The Highest Pub in Ireland” Claim??

    This link provides some useful information re the ongoing dispute to who can claim The Highest Pub in Ireland status?

    In a nut shell it identifies 4 challengers to the title:-

    • Johnnie Fox’s Pub in Glen Cullen, Co. Wicklow, Republic of Ireland.
    • The Ponderosa Pub in Derry – as Derry is not part of the Republic of Ireland – Johnnie Fox’s refutes their claim to be “The Highest Pub in Ireland”,
    • Creedons in Coom, Co Kerry – At the time the article was written this pub was not open all year round and as Creedons were not interested in pursuing the “claim”, Johnnie Fox’s refutes this claim also.
    • The claim from the pub in Roundwood is based on the fact that it is located in Roundwood which is the highest village in Ireland – Johnnie Fox’s refutes this claim as it is located in Glencullen which is a township and not a village and the fact that the said pub is actually a few feet lower than Johnnie Fox’s.
    • Johnnie Fox’s themselves presented all these arguments to the Advertising Standards of Ireland (ASAI) in 2004, and the response from ASAI was a written confirmation to their claim and permission to continue advertising as The Highest Pub in Ireland. The ASAI had researched the claims from multiple parties and found in favour of Johnnie Fox’s.

    On further investigation of this topic, I discovered that
    • Unfortunately Creedons Pub in Coom, Co. Kerry was destroyed by fire in May 2012

    • Since the above link was published the top of Coom was confirmed as Ireland’s official highest pub, a fact that Johnnie Fox’s conceded to. The second highest is the Ponderosa in Derry and the third highest is Johnnie Fox’s. The broadcasting commission upheld complaints that Johnnie Fox’s are no longer allowed advertise themselves as the highest.

    • Based on all the above and the facts presented @ todays date I see the answer to the question who is The Highest Pub in Ireland as indeed being Johnnie Fox’s, with Creedons destroyed by fire and the Ponderosa located outside of the State of Ireland.

    But Lastly
    – as the phoenix can rise from the flames so too can The Highest Pub in Ireland. Creedons Pub has applied for and been granted planning permission to rebuild (as @ 06.12.12). Hence watch out Johnnie Fox’s – this claim might be short lived yet….

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