Cultural Differences – Halloween in North Dublin

When you move to a new country you integrate. You adjust and try new things. I’m not saying I’m always as open as I would like to be but I try. I celebrate new holidays, try new food and learn some of a local language. For example, we’ve started to celebrate Halloween. It’s actually fun. And even though this is the second time I live in our apartment on this holiday, I can’t get used to our neighbors tradition… The 4 story bonfire seems odd to me. Slightly dangerous maybe? Last year I thought it was a prank gone wrong. Until I noticed the adults standing around. And the fact that no one called the fire department? Hello? The number is 112. Right?

We have some neighbors, they were standing out on the balcony wondering out loud what was going on. I welcomed them to the neighborhood ;) I haven’t fully integrated in lovely North Dublin I’m afraid.




8 thoughts on “Cultural Differences – Halloween in North Dublin

    1. A friend who lives a bit further away in the city commented that he was watching from a distance and was seriously wondering what the hell was going on.

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