Sepilok Orang Utang Reserve

For most people the first thing that comes to mind when you say Borneo is Orang Utangs. So of course when we decided on diving of the cost of beautiful Sabah, we figured that we had to fly into Sandakan in order to go to Sepilok.

Sepilok is located about 25 Kilometers from Sandakan, in the North-East of Borneo. I have to admit that I didn’t explore Sandakan at all. The city is the former capital of  British North Borneo and today it functions as a gateway for tourism into Sabah. Independent travel doesn’t seem to be too popular and buses to tourist destinations go only a few times a day. On the other hand it’s fairly easy and affordable to rent a cab or, for longer trips, a driver with a 4×4.

After a flight from hell through a storm (to all the people in Europe, stop complaining about Ryanair. Air Asia makes for more interesting trips) and calming down in the infinity pool on the 14th floor we we’re ready to make the trip to Sepilok. This reserve consists of more than 10.000 acres, mostly virgin rain forest. Since 1964 the center rehabilitated many apes and around 80 of them still live in the reserve. Twice a day a ranger goes out to the platforms close to the center to feed any of the Orang  Utangs still close by and not fully independent. When we were there there was only one. But with a small baby. I have nothing more to say than that they’re extremely cute!




Eventually while driving down Sabah’s Eastcoast I realised that  I’ll have to go back to this amazing place and spend some more time here. It’s back on my travel-list :)


6 thoughts on “Sepilok Orang Utang Reserve

  1. Lieve schat, hoe lang is inmiddels jou reis-lijst-weerterugziendingen-ennogteontdekkendingen……

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