I flew to The Netherlands for my birthday celebration with my family. I didn’t realise on forehand what a bonus the summer weather would be! Yes I tend to complain about the Irish climate a bit, but it wasn’t before I was sitting in my parent’s backyard, I really felt how much I missed this season. Sitting outside, under an umbrella, surrounded by the beautiful green and flowers listening to the small waterfall while feeling the sun on your skin.. For me the picture in this posts beholds all of that.

What about you? What do you see when you think of your kind of summer?


9 thoughts on “Summertime!

  1. My summer would have to be packed beaches now that I live in California… I used to think of them of crowded patios when I lived in Toronto!! Each city has its “summer” feel :)

    1. True! I have to admit that those beaches sound pretty good to me now. Around Dublin we have empty beaches, lovely for a walk. A bit cold for a swim though..

  2. That’s a hard one for me to think about now, though summer to me here is just heat, lots and lots of heat. Burning, horrible heat. I don’t like Australian summers.

    1. Well, same goes for the Irish summers. Only we have horrible, wet cold. I do like the Dutch summers though, there is such a difference in the seasons so you really appreciate the changes. Enjoy winter then ;)

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