Madonna concert: MDNA

The ticket said no professional camera’s and no detachable lenses. Uhoh.. I decided to take my chances and hide my camera in a scarf and raincoat (much needed..) While wearing my compact camera as a decoy around my neck, miling at the lady who was searching my bag: ”There is really no alcohol in there.” At least I didn’t lie.

The show looked and sounded amazing, I was a little disappointed by the fact that almost all of it were songs from the new album. I did hope for a bit more older songs. During the first song out in the rain we heard a snappy command for a raincoat but luckily she ignored the pouring rain later on.

There were plenty of costume changes, the lighting and the video’s shown in the back ground were amazing.

Even though I have a terrible cold and my jacket is still drying, I love the way the rain shows up in the pictures!

MDNA Tour: Dublin, Aviva Stadium Tuesday 24 July.


9 thoughts on “Madonna concert: MDNA

    1. Thank you for the compliment (: And yes, the concert was a great photo opportunity! Maybe even worth withstanding the rain for all those hours..

  1. hi nikta Padraig Treanor here…we were standing beside you at the Madonna concert…having a problem printing out the photos that you gave us permission to print. was wondering if there was any chance you could email them to me. my email is thanks

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