Concert: Paul Simon

On Friday night we went to see Paul Simon in the O2 here in Dublin. It took a little persuading from my side to get my boyfriend to join me. Have to admit, we certainly lowered the average age in the venue for the night.

Even though it was a very (maybe a little bit too much) calm night, audience and performance I enjoyed the concert. Below some photo’s and two video’s I took. They aren’t my best, but they are the best I could manage from way up the tribune with a zoom lens and a very high iso.

I guessed that zooming this much would make the handheld video’s a bit wobbly and it did but the sound is pretty good so I uploaded them anyway! The video was shot with my Canon EOS 500D.

Below the setlist as I found it on

  1. (Jimmy Cliff cover)
  2. Graceland set
  3. (Ladysmith Black Mambazo)
  4. (Ladysmith Black Mambazo)
  5. (Thandiswa Mazwai)
  6. Encore:
  7. Encore 2:

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