Ijust added this picture to my ‘about me’ page. One of the things that makes blogging interesting that you’ll manage to find those people who have the exact same interests as you do. And you can talk to them about whatever that is!

Granted, I should go out searching and commenting more. Not just spreading quick likes over all your blogs like we’re all tempted to do ;)

The picture is taken at the first edition of The Confluence in Leh in 2009. I think it is a good idea to enter a festival with that message in mind!


9 thoughts on “Talk!

  1. You are quite right. Though I talk to strangers all the time, people often talk to me, I have one of those faces that people smile at me. Maybe I look funny, I don’t know.

    1. Or maybe people see that you are open to a conversation? It really depends on where you are. I just came back from an event and people were just not up for that, even giving a grumpy answer! It might have been the cold and the rain..

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