More Beach

Can’t. Help. Myself. More. Beach. Photo’s….

I always wanted to live near the sea. It seemed like such a luxury to me, to be able to go out on a sunday morning and take a stroll on the beach. Enjoying the wind and the waves. You can guess how often I’ve done that since I moved to Dublin more than 9 months ago? Indeed, not often enough!

I took these pictures at Killiney beach. Killiney is a small town south of Dublin. The area is amazing to get lost (a little, as far it’s possible over there). We ‘Europeans’ had a  bank holiday on Monday. Since it wasn’t a day off for the Irish we managed to find some empty spots. Officially we were heading for another place but we couldn’t resist once we spotted this gem through the trees. After a few dead ends and dodgy roads we managed to park the car close to the beach and we even took a (short and cold!) dip in the sea. It was quite windy and some dark clouds were steadily moving in on us. What do you think of the ‘dreamy’ look of the images? And which one do you like better? The horizontal of vertical perspective?




10 thoughts on “More Beach

  1. I generally like landscape pictures in horizontal format but for some reason I like the vertical one here… I think its because the subject is closer/larger?!?! I don’t know… but I do like the 2nd one a lot :)

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