Rooftop Fun

As I said yesterday, I was too busy with sunbathing, beach visits and a barbecue. Dublin, and the Irish coast for that matter, absolutely transforms when the sun comes out and we reach outrageous temperatures of 23 degrees Celsius. Imagine ;)

After the beach I was invited to a barbecue on a rooftop in Spencer Dock, one of the Oracle employee infested (sorry, occupied) buildings in the city. I lived there myself for a short wile, but I was nine floors down from that particular spot. It’s not that I’m complaining about our current view, but this terrace is the best I’ve seen in  this city until now. If anyone thinks they can beat it, please let me know so I can come over and take some pictures!

Tom, once again, thank you for the invite and I hope you enjoy these as a reminder when you leave the apartment!




5 thoughts on “Rooftop Fun

  1. Again brilliant pictures, but not only that, you have the special gift of feeling the right way to illuminate the picture as art.

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