Irish Summer

It seems like Irish summer has started. I have to admit, it feels great! I might have said before that Dublin isn’t a nice city but last night from the rooftop, enjoying the sun it looked pretty good.

The only thing keeping us foreigners down here are the Irish. Quotes like ‘Enjoy it, this will be the few days of summer we get this year’ and ‘Wow, it’s so hot!’ To clarify, that last comment was made when it was 19 degrees at lunchtime ;)

For now we will enjoy it, for as long as it lasts and a sunny picture to match!

I took this picture on a morning in April in Kinsale in the South of Ireland. We were driving along the coast and we were there quite early (read: before the tour buses were in operation). Kinsale is a small town with a pretty harbor and a few medieval buildings. I enjoyed wandering through the small streets in the morning sun before a stop at a lovely bakery and the rest of the route along Cork’s coastline.


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