Tourist in Amsterdam

Ok. I am officially a tourist when I go to Amsterdam. I started taking pictures of bicycles. And I finally realised what all foreigners mean when they are so surprised by the number of bikes. After 10 months of living in a country where cyclists are heavily discriminated (Bus lane equals cycle lane, those double buses are big, scary and out to get me!) I actually liked tripping over bikes that are parked in every impossible spot.


6 thoughts on “Tourist in Amsterdam

  1. Will always remember my visits to Amsterdam, especially relaxing on a sidewalk with a Broodje van Kootje and an Oranjeboom beer for lunch, and do not forget sunset’s haring en oude genever.

  2. The same thing happens here in Australia, drivers hate cyclists, no idea why, they take up less space on the road, which means less drivers and less traffic. Denmark is the same as Amsterdam, love the photos.

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