Lovely Kylemore Lady

The lady in the picture below is one of the sisters of the Benedictine community living in, and taking care of the Kylemore Abbey in Connemara on Ireland’s West Coast.

I asked whether I could take a picture of the sister sitting at the desk below the big staircase. It turned out she is very fond of photography herself and is more than willing to pose for a picutre (on the condition that I come into the picture with her as well). She is busy making cards out of her own photographs of the place to send them to her friends. She tells me that she is so happy to live in this amazing place and she shows me her pictures of the Abbey and the surrounding nature in different weather conditions. I am especially yealous of the shots she took in beautiful evening light with no wind so a perfect reflection of the abbey in the lough. She is very pasionate in talkbin about her abbey and her mountains :)

The abbey was built in 1867 by Mitchel and Margaret Henry. Mitchel Henry built the castle on the place where Kylemore Lodge once was. The couple had spent their honeymoon there and they fell in love with the place. The Henry family lived there for several years untill Mitchel sold the (at that time) castle to te Duke and Duchess of Manchester. It is said that the Duke gambled with the deeds of the house and lost. It took a few years before the Castle was inhabited again, by the time the Benedictine sisters took it over in 1920 there was a lot of restoring to do.


3 thoughts on “Lovely Kylemore Lady

  1. I’ve been to Kylemoore! The abbey looks like a painting even in person when viewed from across the water… it looks as if it will vanish if you approach it.

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