Roadtrip Reflections

When I moved to Ireland I brought my car from The Netherlands. That was such a good decision! Dublin is a nice place to stay for a while but Ireland gets really beautiful once you leave the city and explore small country roads.

Luckily it is not too hard to move a car around within the EU, I have a few more months before I’ll have to sort out how to officially import the car and see to it that I get an Irish licence plate. I briefly looked into it before and somehow it reminds me of Indian bureaucracy… To be continued!

For now I get to plan the next road-trip starting tomorrow, towards Connemara national park. We have some visitors so it’s time to explore the West coast further. The pictures below were taken along the N71 in the South of Ireland between Cork and Kenmare, we might have been on our way to The Ring of Kerry but the route there was at least as amazing as the destination!




6 thoughts on “Roadtrip Reflections

    1. Thank you!

      I’ve noticed that you visit my blog more often, can I ask you for some feedback? I changed my Theme today, I believe the whole blog seems a bit more organized this was. What do you think?

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