Compact vs. DSLR

I only got my DSLR last summer. That means that most of the pictures I have been taken were taken with a compact. Ok, the compacts also evolved a bit. The pictures below were taken  with a small camera that allows some manual settings as well, but nevertheless a compact. They are especially nice for places you can’t bring your big heavy camera and where your phone isn’t enough due to poor light.

These pictures I took in 2011 at an Aerosmith concert. Would I have been much better off with a DSLR?




Side-note: I just downloaded these pictures from Facebook. The quality isn’t that great :)


7 thoughts on “Compact vs. DSLR

  1. I think you would’ve been better off with the DSLR because you could chose spot metering… I find that is the trick in concert photography. Also the DSLR would’ve had a larger sensor so definitely better noise performance in low light.
    Having said all of this there is absolutely nothing wrong with the first image, matter of fact I love it :)

    1. True… True…. But then again, partying, listening to the music and just not having to care for the camera that much was also nice.


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