Old Stuff

I like old things. I dont know why. Very often I’m pretty practical and I want things to function but every now and then I can get completely lost at a flee market or a second hand bookstore. Old stuff is simply nicer than new stuff!

What I especially like is an object with a story. I have this lovely old leather handbag from my grandma. They day she dug it out of her wardrobe (or treasure chest if you will) we found the receipt for it still in one of the compartments. Together with a hairpin from when she had long hair and a painkiller from 1969. I decided not to use the painkiller but every now and then I get that handbag of it’s special place in my dressingroom and use it despite the fact that the leather got a little stiff, of that it hardly fits my walled, phone, camera and water bottle. I guess that women didn’t try to carry full supplies in ’69?

Yesterday I got another old family item from my mother. When she went to her bookcase she found the bible my grandma received when she did her holy communion in May of 1950. There are some handwritten notes from her, maybe her mother or her teacher in it.

Even though I haven’t really decided yet what I think of religion or the church I like this bible. Since I most likely wont read from it I put it to good use and took some pictures of it.

The girl in the picture is my grandma 62 years ago, holding the bible in the pictures below.


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