Last summer we’ve spend two weeks moving around different Greek Island. It was still early in the season so perfect for exploring without hordes of tourists. (Yes I realise that I am one of those tourists as well!)

We planned the trip one island at the time and we chose our destinations depending on the ferry schedule. When we tried to plan it before it seemed stressful and elaborate. As soon as we gave up on planning we had a perfect relaxing vacation with some beautiful destinations. The pictures are taken on Santorini, Naxos and on a ferry somewhere in between at dawn.


6 thoughts on “Islands

  1. That pot looks like something out of an oversized Pooh Bear story…and on a more technical note, I love the contrast of the vivid sea with the white-washed houses…

    1. Thanks! These images actually really take me back to that place. Just the way I felt when actually walking there in the sun.

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